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Caigang mobile board home users fire safety conventions
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1. Consciously abide by the fire laws and regulations, actively participate in community fire activities, conscientiously do a good job residential fire safety.

2. Pay attention to electricity fire safety, chaos unplug the wire, do not overload the use of electrical appliances, to be the people to go light off.

3. Safe use of civilian gas, do not dump liquefied petroleum gas residue, cut off the power after each use.

4 residential does not store gasoline, alcohol, water that flammable and explosive items.

5. Consciously maintain the fire control measures and equipment in the corridor, do not occupy or block the staircase walkway and exit, do not park vehicles in the passage of fire engines and piled up sandwich panels and other debris.

6. The community does not set fireworks, firecrackers, parents need to educate children not to play with fire.

7. Home decoration to implement the fire regulations, residential fire extinguishers should be equipped with portable devices.

8. Caigang activities board room to quickly detect the fire alarm, evacuation evacuation organizations and promptly extinguished the fire.