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Caigang mobile board room advantages and characteristics
- Nov 06, 2017 -

A new generation of corrugated, it is a set of corrugated, colored steel two characteristics, namely, to enhance the color strength of steel, noise, heat insulation, drainage and bolt exposure. Hard polyurethane foam is internationally recognized as the world's best insulating material and building material Polyurethane thermal stability, resistance, bending strength, high compressive strength, non-absorbent will not decay, and no moth-eaten rat bite, good flame retardancy , A large temperature range, is a very good sandwich stuffing Strong technical force, professional designers to complete the installation of steel color rich experience, won the praise of users.

Color steel core less than 14 kg square meters, can reduce the structure of the full load, reduce the cost structure. Easy to install Color steel housing light weight, stitching installation features and optional reduction, decided to install its simple and quick, can greatly improve work efficiency, save time limit. Fire board, materials and insulation materials burning material, fully meet the requirements of fire safety specifications.

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