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Container insulation
- Nov 06, 2017 -

In the use of containers, the insulation of the box is involved in various applications due to certain necessary uses such as moving refrigerators, mobile homes, electrical boxes and the like. If the temperature can not be constant in a particular range, it is possible for the user to cause economic losses, then how the cabinet insulation renovation it? In conventional insulation, first of all, people think of rock wool board and rock wool purification board. We generally use them, but it depends on the product structure and insulation requirements, as a thermal insulation material, because of their different functionalities, but will choose a different plate.

1, the container activity room, activity room because of the need to do exterior decoration, in order to ensure the appearance of beautiful walls, internal use of rock wool bare board insulation. Interior with keel, exterior with 12mm MDF decoration, or directly use only rock wool veneer decoration.

2, the electrical equipment box, this box to do insulation because of the need to protect the internal electrical equipment, insulation thickness to be better, depending on customer requirements, if the MDF decoration, and activities will be the same, there is a rock Cotton purification plate decoration, clean and tidy, will also be very good protection of internal electrical equipment.

3, mobile refrigerators, mobile refrigerators and fixed refrigerators, as in the container-type refrigeration, the use of another material, polyurethane flame-retardant purification plate, this plate light but good insulation effect, and will not Damp Will not absorb water. Is the first choice for freezers.

In the box insulation process, it is not only air-conditioning this way, such as the box has a thermal insulation layer, the roof can adjust the angle of the inlet and outlet can be used outside air and wind to regulate the temperature inside the box, tight Closed time can not be affected by outside temperature in a certain period of time. Suitable for shipping temperature and humidity sensitive goods.

Container insulation materials are many, such as expanded polystyrene foam board, insulation mortar, extruded polystyrene foam board, rigid polyurethane foam, lime cement mortar, phenolic resin foam, gypsum board, wood, glass wool felt, mineral wool, Rock wool board, and so on. Including polyurethane sealing is good, and rock wool and silicon rock board lower cost, the most widely used.