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Necessity of steel structure fire retardant coating
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Steel is a non-burning building material, it has the seismic, bending and other characteristics. In practice, the steel can not only increase the load capacity of the building, but also meet the need of aesthetically pleasing architectural design; and also avoid the defects that the building material such as concrete can not be bent or stretched. Therefore, the steel has been favored by the construction industry. It is common for steel to be used in single-storey, multi-storey, skyscrapers, factories, warehouses, waiting rooms and waiting lounges. However, as a building material, steel has some unavoidable defects in fire prevention. Its mechanical properties, such as yield point, tensile strength and elastic modulus, all decline sharply due to the temperature rise. Steel structures usually lose their carrying capacity at temperatures of 450-650 ° C, and great deformations occur. As a result, steel columns and steel structure fireproof paint beams are bent and can not continue to be used due to excessive deformation and are generally unprotected The fire resistance of steel structures is about 15 minutes. The length of time is also related to the rate of heat absorption by the components. In order to overcome the shortcomings of fire prevention in practical applications, fire-proofing must be carried out. Its purpose is to raise the fire resistance of steel structure to the limit specified in the design code. The measures to prevent deformation and slump when the steel structure rapidly warms up in the fire are varied. The key is to adopt different methods according to different situations. For example, adopting adiabatic and refractory materials to block the flame and directly burn the steel structure to reduce the heat transfer rate Postpone the temperature rise of steel structure, the intensity of weakening time and so on. However, no matter what method is adopted, the principle is the same.