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Space grid structure
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Space grid structure is a new type of industrial or civil building roof or floor bearing structure developed rapidly in recent years. It is a space structure composed of many rods according to a certain regular pattern, which changes the stress system of general planar truss. The structure is under stress state in three-dimensional space and can bear loads from different directions. Due to mutual restraint between bars, the space stiffness is great and the integrity is good. Meanwhile, the grid is a high-order statically indeterminate structure, so the structure is very stable.

Compared with the traditional planar structure, the space grid structure has the following advantages:

1, Due to the interaction between the bars of the grid structure, the integrality is good, the rigidity of the space is large, and the structure is very stable.

2, the grid structure by axial load transmission rod, material strength is fully utilized, both to save steel, but also reduce the weight. A good grid design, the amount of steel and steel under the same conditions of steel structure similar to the amount of steel, so you can save a lot of concrete, can reduce the weight 70-80%, compared with the ordinary steel structure, Save 20-50% of steel.

3, good seismic performance: due to the light weight of the grid structure, the seismic force generated by the earthquake is small, while the steel has good extensibility, can absorb a large amount of seismic energy, grid space stiffness, structural stability will not collapse, so have Excellent seismic performance.

4, the height of the grid structure is small, the space can be effectively used, the general high-span steel structure ratio of 1 / 8-1 / 10, and the high-span grid structure only 1 / 14-1 / 20, can reduce the height of the building .

5, fast construction speed: The structure of the grid structure, the same size and shape, can be mass-produced in the factory, and good quality and high efficiency, while not compete with the site of construction, and thus on-site workload is small, shorten the construction period.

6, light grid structure, can cover a variety of shapes of the plane, but also designed into a variety of shapes, nice shape.