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Steel plant routine maintenance and repair
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1, after the installation of our steel structure plant, the owner can not change its structure without permission, can not dismantle any bolts and other components, can not increase or decrease the wall, if you need to change what part must be negotiated with the manufacturer Always REA Marothers "Always Being Organized" "Always Being and". Steel structure in the use of about 3 years after the paint must be maintained once, so as to the building and beauty and safety. Steel plant is a steel structure connected to the parts, so the use of electrical equipment, such as wire or cable trunking what line of isolation, in order to avoid electric shock accident.

2, steel plant must be regularly cleaned and maintained under normal circumstances, then need a year to check and maintain. Steel structure of the external wall cleaning need to be careful not to mess, can not use steel ball, brush and other abrasive cleaning products, with clean water should be washed from top to bottom. Steel plants have branches, leaves and other similar objects should be promptly cleaned up, so as to avoid backlog caused unnecessary trouble. If the surface of the steel structure of the metal plate damaged promptly repaired in order to avoid the sun and rain corrode the metal surface. If necessary, all painted with highly elastic nano-materials used to protect the metal roof panels, and play an effective waterproof insulation, saving indoor air conditioning energy.

Steel plant maintenance and repair of the service life of steel structures have a great relationship, therefore, the owners should pay enough attention to it. As in the maintenance and maintenance of any problems encountered, and professional steel manufacturers to contact for help.