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Activity Board Room How To Use Fire Retardant Coating
- Nov 06, 2017 -

In today's fire safety has become a topic of gossip, only living in a safe environment to make people feel at ease. Now a lot of construction sites to the workers live in the Housing, so the fire department of public security fire board activities of particular concern. Fire-retardant paint sprayed on the surface of the steel structure of the mobile board room, in the event of a fire, relying on its own flame retardant and low thermal conductivity to form a fire-resistant protective barrier, postponed to live in the activities of the direct invasion of steel components of the room, thereby enhancing the activities of the board Fire resistance of the room, to provide a valuable time for the safe withdrawal of personnel.

Fire-retardant coatings used in steel plant when to pay attention to several issues:

1, can not be used for interior steel structure fire-resistant paint brushing bare steel components, before there is a steel structure of the fire retardant coating used in outdoor, as the wind and the sun, fire-retardant paint weathered yellow, there Cracking off the phenomenon of completely lost the effect of fire.

2, do not use the decorative fire-retardant coating for steel structure plant activity, decorative fire-retardant coatings mainly for wood-based combustible substrate, usually less than 1MM thickness, thin coating fire resistance compared to steel fire retardant coating large Discount, its insulation function also failed to meet the needs of fire.

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