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Construction Of Steel Structures Should Pay Attention To The Seven Items
- Nov 06, 2017 -

1, to clarify the original structure layout, choose a reasonable steel structure and the original structure of the connection location and connection form, to avoid the destruction of the original structure of the steel structure load.

2, the steel structure of the primary and secondary girder layout to be combined with attic building, decoration and installation design, to avoid or reduce the renovation and installation of the secondary damage to the steel structure.

3, do not recommend the use of square steel, steel and other hollow steel, because the interior is difficult to brush painted anti-rust paint, cold and hot in the north, steel condensate rusty pollution of ceiling and wall, will seriously endanger the safety.

4, the layout of the steel structure force should be clear, the transmission of force should be clear and concise. Due to the obvious vibration and stress of the steel structure itself, precise analysis and calculation are required, the structure deformation and vibration frequency are strictly controlled, the visual appearance of the structure is to be ensured, the resonance between the structure and human activities is eliminated, and the structural fatigue failure due to the resonance phenomenon is avoided , At the same time this can be used to protect the comfort of the process.

5, steel (channel, I-beam) of the purchase, in general we have 10,12,14,16 specifications can choose. No matter what kind of specifications are selected, it is recommended to use "GB" steel, because of its steel, specifications are better than "non-standard steel", non-standard steel high hardness, brittle steel, poor ductility, not easy to cut, drill.

6, before the fixed channel steel channel against the wall side of the anti-rust paint brush, but the other parts should be painted after the welding is completed, otherwise it will affect the welding work.

7, steel structure, pay attention to I-beam and channel must be the same specifications, we must choose "full welding", the main keel should be steel, non-intermediate welding.