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Light Steel Structure Characteristics
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Light steel structure building is today's international popular low-cost new building. Features: Appearance colorful and beautiful, strong shock resistance and wind resistance, fireproof and waterproof, fast construction period (shortened by more than half of the traditional method), no secondary decoration, low maintenance cost, easy to change, expansion and demolition more than 80% The material can be reused. Is the construction of large-span plant, warehouse, stadium, the original building plus layers, office partitions, garages, cold storage, kiosks and other buildings ideal.

☆ A full range of building components: roofs, walls, eaves, etc. These are standard components that can be installed on light steel structures.

☆ All kinds of fire doors, overhead ventilation ducts, translucent panels, windows and shutters, etc. All components can be easily on-site installation.

☆ All steel frame components can be galvanized according to customer's requirements; roof and wall panels are more choice of finish color, shape and other options, thus greatly improving the aesthetic appearance of the design, sufficient to meet the requirements.

☆ There are various types of long-span mezzanine floors that can be installed in traditional or composite buildings.

☆ With a computer designed individually welded cross-section frame, to maximize the use of raw materials. The largest net span of up to 72 meters.

☆ all kinds of steel construction can carry cranes and rails.

☆ Light steel construction can be designed into a variety of "high-low" structure. Any of its walls can be ancillary buildings.