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Main Performance Of Steel Structure Building
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Main performance of steel structure building

1.Small occupation area of steel structure: the occupation area of steel structure of high-rise buildings is 1/4 of that of ordinary reinforced concrete structure. The use of steel structure can largely increase the usable area by about 4%, thus greatly improving the use value of buildings and realizing the improvement of economic benefits.

2.Good anti-seismic performance of steel structure: this is commonly known as excellent energy, natural disasters are unstoppable, and related to the safety of people and the quality of buildings, strong steel structure is the best choice, especially in the earthquake zone.

3.The construction quality of steel structure is easy to control: in general, steel structure components are designed, manufactured and processed before being drawn to the construction site;Sufficient control over the accuracy of components.As long as the site is installed in place, it can be used. The construction speed is fast, which can save labor time and shorten the construction period.At the same time, sand, stone and cement can be effectively reduced, and the operating surface of the construction surface can be enlarged.