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Special Containers Introduced
- Nov 06, 2017 -

Refers to have a certain strength, stiffness and specifications designed for the use of large-scale cargo containers. The use of container transhipment cargo, the consignor's warehouse can be loaded directly to the consignee's warehouse unloading, half-way replacement car, the ship, no need to remove the goods from the box. Special containers, on the basis of inheriting the advantages of containers, are improved and changed. All kinds of devices and equipment are integrated and installed inside the container to form a container with professional functions, short construction period, low cost, easy movement and beautiful appearance container. The reason why special containers, because the product that is easy to transport with the traditional containers, transport without removing the goods characteristics, while using the box pre-installed equipment, you can carry out a special operation. Can be said that special containers are field operations, mobile operations and other special industries the best choice.