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The Workshop No. 3 Covers An Area Of Approximately 21,000m2
- Jun 08, 2018 -

1. The workshop No. 3 covers an area of approximately 21,000m2, the No. 2 workshop corridor covers an area of approximately 1500m 2, the basement covers an area of approximately 2700m 2, and the total construction area is approximately 56000m 2. The No. 3 workshop and the No. 1 No. 2 workshop corridor height is 23.8 m; adopts the portal type steel frame structure, the span is 100m, the column distance is 9m, the total length of the workshop is about 206m;

2. The structural type is a steel frame, the column adopts a box-type steel column, and the beam adopts an H-shaped steel. The structural safety grade is Grade 2, the earthquake resistance grade is Grade 3, and the earthquake fortification intensity is 7 degrees.

3. The connection of steel structural components using welding, bolting and high strength bolts.