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Use Of Container Houses Abroad
- Nov 06, 2017 -

In the Netherlands, containers are used to build student housing in 1,000-room students, making Amsterdam the city with the most container houses in the world. This is a large-scale project involving the Dutch government. It started in 2006 and solved the problem of housing difficulties for local college students. Not only does this dormitory look trendy, it also provides all the necessary facilities that a typical dorm can offer, a rainwater drainage system on the rooftop, and decentralized heat and isolation facilities.

The UK's City Space Planning Organization has flexibly applied containers as a component of the home building in 2001, the new "City" of Container City in London's quayside.

Because of the urgency of housing demand for environmentally friendly materials in the area, another new "city" was constructed in 2002. Architect Nicholas Rech did not stick to the idea of building a single container into a single home. With bold innovations from colleagues, container flexibilities have been built into a new space of more practical life and work.