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Prefabricated Steel Structure Stable Livestock Farm Shed

Horse stables are welded from highly corrosion-resistant galvanized square tubes. We divided a group of horse stables into several parts, processed them separately and shipped them to Australia for assembly. It is very simple and beautiful. A group of horses can raise 4 horses at a cost of 3,500 US dollars. A 40-foot container can hold three sets of stables, so the sea freight to Australia is $2,000, which is very cheap on average. We also have many related stable products that we will share with you.

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Prefabricated Steel Structure Stable  Livestock Farm Shed

Size: Horse shed Length 44.8m Width 6.4m Can lay down 6 groups of stables 24 horses can be placed, the size of the stables as shown.

The body of the horse stable is made of galvanized square pipe. The designer and the square pipe are connected by bolts after the designer's clever design to facilitate the installation of our customers. Why do we design the bolt connection? Because we take into consideration that it is more convenient to load and unload the container after it is shipped and it is not necessary to re-weld in Australia after processing in our factory. This will make the shed more beautiful. The total cost of the horse shed is 8,500 US dollars. It can be installed in a 20-foot container, and only 950 US dollars in shipping fees to Australia.

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Prefabricated Steel Structure Stable Livestock Farm Shed


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Place of origin

Qingdao China

National Construction Area



 20 GP,  40HP, 40 GP,  40 OT


Easy to install and maintenance

Fast construction ,save time and labor cost

Prefabricated and customized design

High space efficiency

Transportation convenient

High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof


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