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Steel Structure Horse Stable

Steel Structure Horse Stable

Product introduction: Steel frame warehouse characteristics: 1. Wide span: single span or multiple spans. 2. Low cost: Unit price range from USD40/m2 to USD70/m2  3. Fast construction and easy installation. 4. Long using life: up to 50 years. 5.environmental protection, earthquake proofing, water proofing, and energy conserving.

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Prefab Steel Frame Building and Steel Structure Buildings and construction Company

Product introduction:

Prefab steel frame building construction is a kind of prefab buildings. It is widely used as warehouse, workshop and sport hall.

Product description:

Prefab steel frame building construction is commonly used all over the world . Because most of the work of steel structure buildings can be completed in the factory, the quality is higher and the site construction speed is fast. Steel frame building construction can not only be built in batches, but also has variety styles.


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