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Low Cost Prefab Steel Strcuture Movable House New Style

The steel structure is mainly composed of steel trusses, steel columns and steel beams made of steel plates and steel sections. Each component or component is usually connected by corresponding methods, including bolts, welds and Rivets and the like. The steel structure prefab house is relatively light in weight and easy to construct. It has always been popular in many industries, and more and more people like this structure.

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Prefabricated mobile homes are houses made up of color steel sandwich panels and profiled C-shaped steels, referred to as; color steel movable houses, which are favored by the market for their unique artistic and decorative practicality. Features: heat insulation, installation, easy to disassemble, flexible, no need for foundation load, no need for secondary renovation. Mainly used in public buildings, industrial plant roofs, walls; clean workshops and combined cold storage, building junctions, business kiosks, security halls and so on. Under the same area, it is 1/30 of the coagulation weight, which is 10 times stronger than the coagulation insulation of the same thickness. The recycling rate is above 80%. It has the characteristics of heat preservation, waterproofing at one time, fast construction speed, durability, and generous appearance. The movable room has wide applicability.

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Low cost prefab steel strcuture movable house new style


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Qingdao China


Glass window/ PVC window


 20 GP,  40HP, 40 GP,  40 OT

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