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Construction Design Steel Structure Warehouse

The structure plant mainly refers to the plant whose main bearing components are made of steel. The main load-bearing structure includes steel column, steel beam, steel structure foundation, steel roof frame, steel roof, note that the steel structure of the wall can also be used brick wall maintenance. Due to the increase of steel production in China, a lot of steel-structure workshops have been adopted.

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construction design steel structure warehouse



The light-steel structure is composed of cold-bending thin-wall steel components. The steel bone is made of super-anti-corrosion high-strength cold-rolled galvanized sheet, which can effectively avoid the impact of rust corrosion in the construction and use process of the steel plate, thus increasing the service life of light-steel members.The structure life can reach 100 years.


Project name: construction design steel structure warehouse

Certifciate: ISO9001,SGS,CE...

Window: According to the customer

Accessories:semi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, down pipe, out gutter etc

Type: single slope, double slope, muti-slope ;single span,
double-span ,Multi-span, single floor, double floors

C or Z purlin: size from C100~C320,Z160~Z300



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