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Construction Light Steel Metal Structurmetal Export Warehouse Building

The structural steel structure is light in weight, high in strength, good in overall rigidity and strong in deformation.The weight of the building is only one-fifth that of the brick-and-concrete structure, which can withstand hurricanes of 70 meters per second, making life and property effectively protected.

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Direct Construction Light Steel Metal Structurmetal warehouse building



1. Steel structure components are made in the factory to reduce the on-site workload, shorten the construction period and meet the requirements of industrialization, which not only saves resources but also reduces some unnecessary pollution.

2. The steel structure factory is reliable in quality, accurate in size, convenient in installation and easy to cooperate with relevant parts.

3. With light weight and high strength, the house built with steel structure weighs about 1/2 of that of reinforced concrete residence;To meet the needs of large housing, the use area than reinforced concrete residential about 4%.

4. Steel can be recycled with less pollution to the environment during construction and demolition.These advantages are the value of a steel house.He USES these advantages to hold up the "safety umbrella" of life.

5. Safety and reliability, good anti-seismic and anti-wind performance, strong load capacity, anti-seismic ability can reach level 8, and it is its style that the major earthquake does not go down without damage.The combination of people orientation and nature is the value of steel structure houses. For building houses, it is the most important to ensure personal safety. People are deeply impressed by the pain caused by the tangshan earthquake, wenchuan earthquake and ya 'an earthquake.


1.project name: Construction Light Steel Metal Structurmetal export warehouse building

2.size:(optional): According to the customer

3. door:(optional):According to the customer

4. c or z purlin: size from C100~C320,Z160~Z300

5. accessories: semi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, down pipe, out gutter etc

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