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Container House Prefab Houses

Container House Prefab Houses

Movable prefab modular container house for living. The living room can move erery where,and comfortable to live and convince to move. The biggest advantage of the container is the standardization of its products and the resulting set of transport systems. Can make a load of tens of tons of monsters to achieve standardization, and as a basis for the gradual realization of the global scope of ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport matching logistics system.

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Cheap Container House Luxury 

Item Cheap Container House Luxury 

Size 6m(L)*3m(W)*2.8m(H) or other size 

Top frame Upper beam+Base+Purlin 

Bottom frame 

Column Corner column+intermediate column 

Corner fitting Inner right-angle+∠40 angle iron 

Wall pannel 50mm EPS (or glass wool,PU,etc.) 

Sandwich panel with 0.326mm color steel sheet


Roof pannel 50mm EPS (or glass wool,PU,etc.) 

Sandwich panel with 0.326mm color steel sheet(water-proof)


Floor Bolivian magnesium board 

Door 830mmX2100m Security Steel door 

(or customized material)


Window 930mmx1200mm Aluminum alloy windows (or customized material) 

Others 2 lights and 4 switches 

Circuit wiring, socket, plug, circuit breaker, power box





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