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Prefab Toilet Design And Construction

Prefab Toilet Design And Construction

The biggest success of the container is the standardization of its products and the resulting set of transport systems. Can make a load of tens of tons of monsters to achieve standardization, and as a basis for the gradual realization of the global scope of ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels, multimodal transport matching logistics system.

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We would highly appreciate it if you provide us the information in your inquiry as followed

1.Dimension: length*width*height

2.Brick wall is needed or not, if yes, please tell us the height of it
3.The door’s quantity, size and location
4.The window’s quantity, size and location
5.Cranes is needed or not. If yes, please tell us the max lifting height, max lifting weight, and the span of it.
6.What kind of maintenance materials do you prefer?
7.Please tell us the wind load, snow load, earthquake resistance level and fire proof level of the building.
8.Please contact us for any other requirements.



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