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Prefabricated Steel Structure Supermarket Storage Warehouse

We are large integreted group has steel structure workshop, warehouse, steel building, container house and so on. We have developed over 15 years. Looking forward to your inquiry.-Qingdao Tailong Steel Structure Co.

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Prefabricated Steel Structure Supermarket Storage Warehouse

Product Description

Our steel frame structure is a new type of light steel structure building system formed from a main steel framework comprised of H section, Z section and U  section steel components, the roof and walls utilizing a variety of panels and other components such as windows, doors, and cranes. The light steel structure building is widely used in the construction of buildings such as warehouses, workshops, and large factories.


For client information
If you need we design for you, pls supply us the following parameter

1Location (where will be built) ?_____country, area 
2Size: length*width*height?_____m*_____m*_____m
3Wind load (or max. wind speed)?_____km/h
4Rain & snow load (or max. snow height)?_____kn/m2, _____mm
5Anti-earthquake _____level ? 
6Usage of the building?
7Roof panel and wall panel?You could choose sanwich panel, EPS, fiberglass wool, rockwool, PU sandwich. You could choose corrugated steel sheet and glass wool installed together on site  either.
8Brickwall needed or not?If yes, 1.2m high or 1.5m high ?
9Crane needed or not?If yes, _____units, max. lifting weight____tons; max. lifting height _____m


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