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Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturer

Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse Manufacturer

Tailong steel structure is a CE certificate compamy with 25 years experiences of steel manufacturering. We provice all kinds of steel products for you. The materials we used to build this warehouse have characteristics of fireproof, waterproof, corrosion- resistant, sound- insulating, earthquake- resistant and typhoon- resistance. Thus can protect your goods in great condition.

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1.We offer you quotation according to your drawings.

2.We have engineers with rich experience to design drawings according to customers' requirements.

3.We offer the whole building for customers, includes design drawings, manufacture and installation.

4.We offer professional advices according to the local conditions.

5.We can arrange shipment for the goods and deal with other transport matters.

6.We can send an engineer to your place for guidance.

7. We provide related production for your references.

8.We offer reasonable advises for usage, maintenance and improvement.

9.We provide online service.

10.We will warmly welcome you to visit our factory.




Beams and Columns:

1 (50)

The C-type Steel Purlin:


What does the warehouse looks like from inside?


We would highly appreciate it if you provide us the information in your inquiry as followed

1.Dimension: length*width*height

2.Brick wall is needed or not, if yes, please tell us the height of it
3.The door’
s quantity, size and location
4.The window’s quantity, size and location
5.Cranes is needed or not. If yes, please tell us the max lifting height, max lifting weight, and the span of it.
6.What kind of maintenance materials do you
7.Please tell us the wind load, snow load, earthquake resistance level and fire proof level of the building.
8.Please contact us for any other requirements.

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