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Steel Construction Prefabricated Workshop Large Span Olympia Steel Buildings

At present, the main structure of the project has been installed, and the external maintenance steel plate is ready to be installed. There will be an update after the completion of the follow-up works. Please look forward to it!

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Steel Construction Prefabricated Workshop Large Span Olympia Steel Buildings total building area is 11,880 square meters, 198 meters long and 60 meters wide, and the height of cornice is 13.7 meters. Design wind load of 0.60 KN / ㎡, snow load of 0.20 KN / ㎡, The width is 60 meters, and the direction is divided into three span, middle span 24 meters, 18 m span on both sides. Each span runs the crane separately, running 5 cranes in total, including 50 tons, 30 tons, 10 tons and 5 tons respectively. Middle span crane is 10.58 meters tall, two side span cranes are 9.12 meters high. It can be seen from the drawings that the different height brings very great difficulty to our design, but our designer still deal it with clear design. The h-type rigid frame of the whole plant adopts Q345B grade steel; Channel steel, Angle steel, round steel, round steel pipe are Q235B; Purlin wall beam are made of Q345B class steel. It took our factory 5 days to process the whole project. We used 15 workers to install it on site and 50 days to complete the installation.IMG_6387_副本.jpg

Project Item

Steel Construction  Prefabricated Workshop Large Span  Warehouse Steel Structure


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Place of origin

Qingdao China


Naked loaded in shipping container or as export standard


 20 GP,  40HP, 40 GP,  40 OT



Easy to install and maintenance

Fast construction ,save time and labor cost

Prefabricated and customized design

High space efficiency

Transportation convenient

High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof


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