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Modular Prefab House Manufacturer

Modular Prefab House Manufacturer

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Safety –Working conditions of workers in our factory is safe and healthy, for example most of the work can be done at waist height. And workers are familiar with the machine and equipment.

Sustainability We are trying our best to minimize the effect of production on our environment. All the construction waste can be disposed in a proper way. Disassembly and assembly are pre-planned thus can reduce the impact of construction on the environment.

Quality – A predetermined quality can be achieved in a factory controlled process, and the indoor environment means buildings and components are protected from climate extremes and vandalism.

Clean – On-site wet trades can be minimised or eliminated as elements are pre-formed, pre-poured or pre-applied in the factory context.

Technology – The interface between emerging computer-aided design technologies and fabrication technologies is set to revolutionise construction

Value – Faster time to occupation can generate income for clients earlier and lead to lower site overheads due to less time on site.

Certainty – There is greater cost certainty due to minimal weather delays, plus there is an earlier design freeze due to requirements of the manufacturing process.

Skills – In communities with a shortage of skilled trade labour, the prefabricated building production line can be organised to employ less skilled labour, working under supervision.



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