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Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop

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Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop


Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop is a large span steel structure frame workshop. The Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop was exported to Algeria by Qingdao Tailong Steel Structure Co. The dimension of Prefabricated Large Span Metal Logistics Warehouse is 100m*100m*10m.

Design standard: wind load 0.3 KN/m2; live load 0.3 KN/m2,

The overall frame design adopts H type column and h type steel beam.  The Wall panel uses 50mm glass wool insulation and single layer 0.5mm steel plate .The roof panel adapt 840 type 0.4 single panel and 50mm glass wool. As to panel and wall panel material,we can adapt your suggestions.Our factory guarantee quality and use the best materials.And this project's constructions is very successful.


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