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Used Steel Structure Warehouse

The production of steel structure is mainly carried out in specialized metal structure factory, so the production is simple and accurate.The finished components are transported to the site for installation. The assembly degree is high, the installation speed is fast, and the construction period is short

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Used steel structure warehouse



Steel column installation

(1) due to the large weight and length of the steel column, it is impossible to carry out the one-time production and transportation. Therefore, it is proposed to divide the steel column into two parts by the method of piecewise production and on-site assembly as a whole and then hoisting.The steel column is transported to the site in two sections: the lower lattice part and the upper h-shaped steel column.The steel column weight is about 6 tons and the height is about 17 meters. The 50-ton truck crane can meet the hoisting demand, and a 25-ton truck crane can be used for the lifting.

(2) single rotary lifting is adopted for hoisting.Before lifting, place the wooden square in the position of the steel column foot plate to prevent the steel column from damaging the foot plate in the lifting process.When lifting the steel column, the crane should lift the hook at the side and rotate the arm at the side, so that the steel column is vertically off the ground and put the column into the cup mouth.


Project name: used steel structure warehouse

C or Z purlin: size from C100~C320,Z160~Z300

Size: According to the customer

Certificate: ISO9001, CE, SGS...

Window and door: option,plastics-steel doors and windows or pvc...

Features:Fast and flexible to assemble, secure and safe, thermal and noise insulation, water proof and fire preventiona27a9f79984aef1fb18850cb6a98840

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